Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Hackney Officer Goes the Extra Mile to Locate Luggage


On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, a member of the Boston Police Hackney Unit received a telephone call from a concerned traveler from Bermuda. The caller reported he left a piece of luggage in the rear of a taxi that he and his family took from Logan Airport to a hotel in Boston. The visitor informed the officer of the cab company and medallion number of the taxi in hopes of tracking down his luggage.

Equipped with that information, the officer telephoned the cab company, who reported the cab’s GPS showed the driver back at Logan Airport. The officer requested that the dispatcher inform all taxi operators to have the driver in question call Hackney if they see him. The officer then contacted the Logan Airport Taxi Pool and requested the manager on duty to make an announcement asking the driver to contact the Hackney Unit. Additionally, the officer contacted BPD operations and had the dispatcher make a “BOLO” announcement regarding the cab.

At about 7:00 PM that evening, the driver received the message and met the officer at Boston Police Headquarters. Both the officer and the driver inspected the cab together and located in the very rear a small black suitcase camouflaged by the black rear seat.

The driver apologized profusely and stated he remembered the nice family from Bermuda. He promised to bring the suitcase to their hotel immediately. The officer received a phone call from the traveler thanking him for taking the extra measures to locate his suitcase, which contained his computer and his 9-month-old daughter’s medical records for her trip to Children’s Hospital for treatment.