Making a Difference: Commissioner Evans Pays Special Visit to Young Boy Battling ALD

Making a Difference: About two weeks ago, the BPD received a request from a retired police officer in Canada that we simply couldn’t overlook or ignore. According to the officer, a young boy from his community, who had been diagnosed with a genetic condition called ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy), had traveled to Boston where he was living with family while receiving treatment for his disease through a gene therapy clinical trial at Boston Children’s Hospital. According to the letter, Alex, aged 7, loved police officers and wanted to meet a Boston Police Officer in the worst way. So, upon receiving the request, we reached out to Alex’s mom and set up a meeting between her son and a member of Boston’s finest. But, for this very special request, we knew we needed someone extra special. So, we went right to the top and asked Boston’s top cop, Commissioner William Evans, to pay a visit to Alex. As you can see by the photos, the visit went great. During which, the Commissioner not only issued Alex an official Boston Police badge - which his mom promptly pinned on Alex’s shirt - but he even appointed Alex to the position of an honorary Junior Boston Police Officer. Said the Commish, “The decision to appoint Alex an honorary Junior Boston Police Officer was an easy one. He’s a great kid and a welcomed addition to our team.” So, if you bump into Alex, be on your best behavior because – according to the Commish – he’s got full police powers during his stay in Boston. God bless you Alex. Get better and we’ll see you real soon.