MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans Announces the Boston Police Department and Community Teen Empowerment Partnership

WHAT:         Since 1992, Teen Empowerment has worked to challenge both youth and police to acknowledge the stereotypes that they have of one another and to begin replacing these stereotypes with positive relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and communication.

Today, members of the BPD and Teen Empowerment will announce a summer plan to increase and improve upon the strides that have been made in the relationship over the past year during which the two groups have worked in close partnership with each other to counterbalance the negative news emanating from other parts of the country.

WHO:            Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross, Deputy Superintendent John Brown, and members of Teen Empowerment

WHEN:          Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 4:00 PM.

WHERE:        Boston Police Headquarters Media Room, One Schroeder Plaza, Boston, MA 02120

CONTACT:    Media inquiries may be directed to Boston Police Department Office of Media Relations (617) 343-4520.