Boston Police and the Kids from Teen Empowerment Promise to Keep Working Together to Make Our City Better

WORKING TOGETHER: On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, Commissioner William Evans, Chief William Gross, Deputy John Brown and the kids from the Center of Teen Empowerment gathered inside the Media Room at Boston Police Headquarters to highlight and celebrate the relationship that exists between the kids of Teen Empowerment and the men and women of the Boston Police Department. For the past several years, our officers and the kids from Teen Empowerment have been meeting on a regular basis to grow the relationship, build respect and discuss strategies to make our city the safest city it can be. Said Commissioner Evans: “When people ask me what makes Boston special, I say it’s because of programs like Teen Empowerment. I can’t praise these kids enough. They’re difference makers and doers. They care about our city and they’re not afraid to get involved with the process of making it better. These kids have taught us a lot about the power of positive dialogue and we’re proud of the partnership we have with them.” Said Chief Gross: “Thanks to the relationships that exist in Boston and the one we have with Teen Empowerment, we’re at the forefront of showing folks how you can do things peacefully and respectfully. Good things happen when people talk. As long as we respect each other and listen to each other, we can work together in hopes of bringing this city together, both the police and the community.”

The Center for Teen Empowerment has sites in Roxbury, Dorchester and Somerville. At each site, Teen Empowerment hires a group of youth, ages 14-21, and trains them as community organizers, providing them with the support and resources needed to effect change and better their community through initiatives that involve both youth and adults.

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