Great Work Recognized: Several Officers and Detectives Receive Commissioner's Commendations

Several officers recently received Commissioner's Commendation for their outstanding work on the streets of Boston.

INCIDENT #1: On March 12, 2015, the Convenience Plus store at 646 Blue Hill Avenue was robbed at gunpoint.  On March 22, it was robbed again at gunpoint by a suspect with the same description.  Detectives James Morrissey and Anthony Francis conducted numerous interviews in the area and retrieved video evidence from several locations. Their investigation determined that the suspect would stop at the tot lot at Erie and Glenway, put on a mask, and then walk up Glenway to commit the robberies. Officers Nicole Lapointe and Shandralee Pinto viewed video footage of the suspect, and District B-3 (Mattapan) officers were instructed to patrol the area of Erie and Glenway for this suspect.

On March 29, Officers Lapointe and Pinto were on patrol in the area when they observed a subject in the tot lot at Erie and Glenway wearing clothing identical to that worn by the suspect in the two prior robberies. The officers circled the block and observed the suspect walking on Glenway in the direction of the scene of the prior robberies. The officers attempted to stop this male, and he immediately fled on foot. After a lengthy foot pursuit, the officers were able to apprehend the suspect and place him under arrest for Disturbing the Peace. Officers later located a mask and a black pellet gun along his flight path. During an interview with detectives, the suspect admitted that he was the person who robbed the store in both incidents. The thorough investigation by detectives and on-site actions by the officers removed this person from the streets of Boston and likely prevented a third armed robbery. 

For their excellent work, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

INCIDENT #2: In December, Officers responded to a person shot at Dudley and East Cottage Streets.  The victim was shot multiple times and succumbed to these injuries.  A description of the suspects and their direction of flight was broadcast.  Officers Matthew Becker and Matthew Ross began searching the area and observed the described suspects.   As they turned their vehicle around, 3 older men on the street informed the officers that the men they were searching for had just parked their car on Dennis Street.  The Officers then radioed for assistance and established a perimeter around the residence at 9 Woodville Street.   Various BPD units, including the SWAT Team, responded and after several hours, all three suspects were apprehended and questioned by BPD homicide detectives.  The residence at 9 Woodville Street and the suspect vehicle were secured, pending  search warrants.

In February, search warrants allowed officers to recover the murder weapon inside the suspect vehicle, as well as the red sweatshirt with DNA evidence and gunshot residue.  Various other evidence, including video, was recovered directly linking the suspects to the homicide. 

The actions of Officers Becker and Ross that day in December led to the arrests of three dangerous felons.   Their knowledge of the area and attention to patrol procedures resulted in these three suspects being safely taken into custody, with no injuries to the suspects or to the Police Officers at the scene.  

For their excellent work they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.