Keeping Boston Safe: Boston Police Harbor Unit Benefits from Multi-Jurisdictional Maritime Training Exercise in Quincy Bay

Sergeant Joe Cheevers of the Boston Police Harbor Patrol Unit

Keeping Boston Safe: Over the weekend, members of the Boston Police Harbor Unit participated in a multi-jurisdictional training exercise designed to enhance and improve the BPD’s ability to effectively respond to a water emergency involving a downed aircraft. Said Boston Police Sergeant and Harbormaster Joe Cheevers, “Any opportunity to train and improve our response to an emergency situation on the water is one we certainly want to avail ourselves to. In addition to lessons learned, we also appreciate the opportunity to work with and learn from surrounding agencies and their first responders. Clearly, the more we train together, the better we can respond together.”   Special thanks to all the surrounding towns and agencies for participating in this highly valuable multi-jurisdictional maritime training exercise including: Boston Fire, Boston EMS, Winthrop, Cambridge, Braintree, Beverly, Hingham, Marshfield, New Bedford, Plymouth, Weymouth, Quincy, Mass State Police, US Coast Guard, MassPort Fire, FBI, National Transportation Safety Board and US Customs and Border Protection.