Members of the BPD Command Staff Share Words of Advice and Guidance with Recruit Class #54-14

In a few short weeks, Boston Police Recruit Class #54-14 will graduate from the Boston Police Academy. Today, Monday, June 1, 2015, members of the Boston Police Command Staff – including Chief William Gross, Superintendent Kevin Buckley, Superintendent Bernard O’Rourke, Superintendent Greg Long, Superintendent Randall Halstead – stopped by the Academy to offer and share words of encouragement, guidance and advice. All who spoke made a point to impress upon the recruits the importance of making a difference, working hard and caring about people. Superintendent Randall Halstead offered the following: “Professionalism has a number and you wear it on the sleeve of your uniform every day. That number is 1630, the year the Boston Police Department was created. We are the first and oldest police department in the country. Being the first means we’ve been doing it a while and a lot is expected of us. When you leave this Academy, a lot will be expected of you. To be successful, you have to treat people right. Always be slow to anger and quick to understand. Talk to people and not at them. And, remember to get respect, you have to give it. Aside from that, congratulations and welcome to the greatest police department in the country.”