In Case You Missed It: BPD Escorts Toran Gaal as He Hand-Cycles into Boston

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 22, 2015, members of the Boston Police Department had the honor of escorting Toran Gaal, a double amputee Marine Corp Veteran, into the City of Boston as he continues to hand-cycle across the country. When he arrived at BPD District A-15 (Charlestown), the BPPA canteen truck was there to greet him with refreshments, as well as Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, BPD Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross, the Citywide Bicycle Unit, Bomb Squad, and K9 Units. Police Officer John Quinn spearheaded the organization of Gaal’s welcome and spent several hours with him yesterday.

Said Gaal on his website, “At Boston city limits--seems like the entire force showed up! Thank you, Officer Quinn, for all your hard work putting this amazing day together!”

To Toran we say, "Keep it up, and may the wind be at your back!"

For more pictures of Gaal’s ride into Beantown and the rest of his journey across America, click on the link below: