LoJack SafetyNet System Helps BPD Officers Locate Missing 71 Year-Old Woman in Dorchester


 LoJack SafetyNet System Helps BPD Officers Locate Missing 71 Year-Old Woman in Dorchester: At about 5:34pm, on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a call for a missing elderly female, 71 years-old, reported missing from her home in the area of 9 Orchardfield Street in Dorchester. According to family members, the missing person had been diagnosed with dementia and had gone missing before. Additionally, officers learned that the missing person had been seen most recently in the area of Columbia Road and Dorchester Ave. Officers further learned that missing person was a member of the LoJack SafetyNet system. Upon learning this information, officers immediately requested activation of the LoJack system. In short time, using the LoJack signal as a guide, officers were able to trace the missing person’s location to the general area of Hampden and George Streets. Once there, officers received a stronger signal directing them to search and explore the area of Gerard Street. With additional officers partaking and sharing in the search, officers followed the signal to a loading dock in the area of 128 Gerard Street. Once there, officers located an unconscious, elderly female, wearing a LoJack bracelet on her left wrist, lying on her back. After requesting Boston EMS to respond to the scene, officers made several attempts to revive and resuscitate the victim. Although, the missing person did not immediately respond to noise, light or touch, when she did awake, officers made every effort to calm the victim and assure her that she was safe and among friends. The victim was transported to the Boston Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Prior to being taken from the scene, officers transported the victim’s son to the scene so that he could accompany and comfort his 71 year-old mother to the hospital.