Name that Dog: BPD has a New Dog but he Needs a Name!!!

Name that Dog: BPD has a new dog but he needs a name!!! The latest addition to the BPD’s K-9 Unit is in need of a name. So, in an effort to name that dog, or in this case puppy, the BPD is asking for your help. If you have a suggestion for a name, we’d love to hear from you. Things you should know: our furry friend is a 9-week old Belgian Shepherd male being groomed for patrol and explosive ordinance detection duties. According to head BPD K-9 trainer Troy Caisey, names should be strong, commanding and no more than 2 syllables. For example: names like Tuco, Bronson and Solo would be more than suitable. So, if you have a suggestion, send it our way and if we use your name – we’ll send you a BPD patch in return. To make a suggestion - email: