BPD Photo of the Day: After Street Hockey Victory, Young Player Poses with Commissioner Evans

So what would you do if you had just won the Junior Championship at the Coppinger Court Street Hockey League Tournament and it’s your one day to do anything you’d like with the prized Gormley Cup?  Well, if you’re seven year old James Cullity of West Roxbury, you'd take the Cup downtown for a photo op with Boston Police Commissioner William Evans.  Said young James, “I’ve always wanted to meet him - he keeps the kids of Boston safe."

The huge annual street hockey event, which includes the participation of many BPD Officers as both coaches and volunteers every year, was held Thursday August 13, 2015, at Fallon Field in Roslindale.  For those of you keeping score at home, the victors won a hard fought game with a final of 5-4.