Traffic Advisory for Saturday August 29, 2015, Caribbean Carnival and Parade

The annual Caribbean Carnival and Parade will take place in the City of Boston on Saturday August 29th.  Street closures and parking restrictions will be in effect in the area of the celebration and traffic delays should be expected.  Those coming to attend the event are encouraged to leave their personal vehicles at home and utilize the MBTA.  Information on service may be found at

Formation for the Carnival Parade will begin at 11:00 AM at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Warren Street.  At 1:00 PM the parade will proceed on Blue Hill Avenue and end at the Circuit Drive entrance (Peabody Circle) to Franklin Park.

The Boston Police Department will begin redirecting traffic away from the Carnival Parade route at 11:00 AM:

Outbound (west) vehicle traffic on Columbia Rd will be rerouted at Geneva Ave with all traffic being directed to turn left (south) onto Geneva Ave towards Bowdoin St.

Vehicle traffic on Blue Hill Ave will be redirected at Blue Hill Ave and Talbot Ave with no traffic on Blue Hill Ave toward American Legion Highway.

At Blue Hill Ave and American Legion Highway, all traffic will be directed onto Blue Hill Ave (south) toward Talbot Ave.

Vehicle traffic on Columbus Ave will be directed onto Walnut Ave at the intersection of Columbus Ave, Seaver St and Walnut Ave.

No vehicle traffic will be allowed on Seaver St toward Blue Hill Ave.

Temporary “Tow Zone No Stopping Boston Police Special Event” parking restrictions will be in effect at the following locations to accommodate this event:

Talbot Ave, both sides, from Kerwin St to Blue Hill Ave

Blue Hill Ave, both sides, from Harvard St to Warren St

Dale St, both sides, from Walnut Ave to #56 Dale St and both sides from Sherman St to Warren St

Columbia Rd, both sides, from Blue Hill Ave to Seaver St

Glenway St, both sides, from Blue Hill Ave past Old Rd to #11 Glenway St

Glenway St School Yard, along the fence abutting Glenway St

Martin Luther King Boulevard, both sides, from Warran St to Washington St

Old Rd,both sides, from Glenway St to Columbia Rd

Seaver St, both sides, from Blue Hill Ave to #280 Seaver St

Warren St, both sides, from Martin Luther King Boulevard to Blue Hill Ave

Circuit Drive, both sides, from Blue Hill Ave to Morton St

Walnut Ave, Franklin Park side, from Seaver St to Sigourney St

Sigourney St, Franklin Park side, from Walnut Ave to Glen Rd

Walnut Ave, both sides, from Seaver St to Park Lane