Great Work Recognized: Commissioner Commends Exceptional Police Work

Several officers recently received Commissioner's Commendation for their outstanding work on the streets of Boston.

INCIDENT #1: At about 3:45 AM on August 4, 2015, Officers Lundy and Paillant with Lieutenant Houston responded to the area of 38 Vinelane Street in District D-14 (Brighton) for a report of a residential burglary and a suspect fleeing the house. As officers arrived on scene they were directed to the suspect and found a second residential burglary victim. Officers entered the residence where they found the suspect and attempted to subdue him. A violent struggle ensued during which Officer Paillant suffered scrapes and bruises on his arms and legs. The suspect was finally apprehended and charged for his crimes. The suspect has multiple previous arrests for similar offenses and had a probation violation warrant at the time of this arrest. These officers have taken a proven offender off the street, and for their efforts, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

INCIDENT #2: On July 10, 2015, Officers Meghan Walsh, Arthur Green, and Daniel McMorrow responded to a call for a person with a gun in the area of 97 Saint Stephens Street in District D-4 (South End). Officers observed a male matching the suspect’s description walking toward Huntington Avenue. Upon seeing the officers, the suspect fled, but officers were able to converge on the male and apprehend him after a violent struggle. As officers arrested the suspect, two additional robbery victims made themselves known to officers and stated that the man in custody had robbed them at gunpoint earlier. The suspect was also believed to have been involved in a robbery the day before during which a firearm was recovered, but the suspect had made good his escape. The officer’s observations, immediate response and apprehension of the suspect removed him from the streets and prevented further incidents of this nature from occurring.  For their actions they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

INCIDENT #3: On July 24, 2015, Detective Martin Kane responded to a call for an armed robbery in progress at Citizens Bank in District D-14 (Brighton). Upon arrival, Detective Kane was informed that the suspect had sticks of dynamite and had dropped his wallet as he fled the bank. The detective immediately recognized the name and photo on the ID in the wallet as an individual he had passed while en route to the bank. Detective Kane returned back to the suspect’s last known location and was able to stop the individual. The suspect was positively identified and arrested for Armed Bank Robbery, Possession of a Hoax Device, Threats Involving a Hoax Device, and False Report of a Bomb. As a result of Detective Kane's quick response and keen observations, a dangerous felon was arrested and taken off the streets. For his actions, he is awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.