One Less Gun: Officers Recover Illegal Firearm from Juvenile in Dorchester

At about 12:30 PM on Monday, September 28, 2015, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force made an on-site arrest of a juvenile for firearm related offenses in the area of 8 Rozella Street in District C-11 (Dorchester).

While on patrol in the above area, officers observed a school-aged boy walking on the sidewalk. The officers struck up a conversation with the male, asking if he had school today. The individual replied that he had been in court and had just beaten a firearm case. As officers continued the conversation, they observed that the male continued to reach with his right hand toward his waistband, despite several requests by the officers to keep his hands where they were visible. When officers exited their cruiser, the male bent at the waist and shielded his right side from the officers as he backed away. Due to the individual’s actions and prior firearm history, the officers feared the presence of a firearm and attempted to pat frisk him. The individual struggled to get away from the officers, but during the struggle, an officer felt what appeared to be a firearm on the right side of the male’s waistband. Officers were able to recover a loaded Taurus PT-22 from the suspect’s waistband where the male had been reaching earlier. Due to his age and past firearm history, officers knew the suspect did not possess a License to Carry.

The 17-year-old juvenile male from Boston was arrested and charged with Delinquent to wit: Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Carrying a Loaded Firearm.