Great Work Recognized: Several Officers Receive Commendations at Recent Ceremony at Boston Police Headquarters

At a recent ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters, several officers were presented with commendations for their actions in the line of duty during two separate incidents.

 INCIDENT #1:  On Monday, August 10, 2015, Officers Skye Robinson and Sean Rooney assigned to the Boston School Police Unit responded to a radio call for shots fired in the area of Bower Street in Roxbury.  While on approach to the scene, officers observed two males running from the direction of Bower Street down Martin Luther King Boulevard.   Believing that the two were either potential suspects or victims, they broadcast their location as well as the descriptions of the individuals.  As the officers exited their cruiser to approach the two males, they observed one of them suddenly pull a firearm from his waistband area and throw it over a nearby fence into a vacant lot.  Officers Robinson and Rooney were able to detain the two suspects until additional units arrived.  Responding officers were able to quickly recover a loaded Rossi .22 caliber firearm for the vacant lot.  The suspect who had been seen discarding the weapon was placed in custody without incident.

For their dedicated service and continued efforts to make the City of Boston a safer place, Officers Rooney and Robinson are hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.

INCIDENT #2:  At about 12:27 AM on Sunday, January 3, 2016, Officers Jeffery Connolly, Michael Holden, Joseph McDonough and Bryan McGrath assigned to District B-2 (Roxbury) were on patrol in Mission Hill in response to recent violence, including a homicide in the area.  Officers observed three males who were known to them walking down Turquoise Way and approached them to conduct a threshold inquiry.

Upon seeing the officers, the three men suddenly changed direction and ran.  Officer McDonough followed one of the suspects and observed him running with one arm swinging freely, while holding the other arm tight to his waist, as if he was attempting to secure something.  Officers Holden and McDonough were able to stop the suspect in the area of 75 St. Alphonsus Street and recover a silver revolver from the suspect’s pocket as he continued to struggle with the officers.  Officers were soon able to place the suspect in custody without further incident.

At the same time, Officers Connolly and McGrath followed the second suspect down Horadan Way.  As the suspect was running near 36 Horadan Way, he removed a black firearm from his waist area and discarded it.  Officer McGrath stopped to recover the discarded firearm while Officer Connolly continued to pursue the suspect.  After scaling a fence, Officer Connolly briefly lost sight of the suspect, but was flagged down by a woman who said while driving her car, a man had just attempted to get into her car, demanding a ride, but she was able to pull away.  Responding units quickly located the suspect nearby in the parking lot of 142 Horadan Way and placed him in custody without incident.

Due to the officers excellent observation skills and knowledge of violent gang members, two firearms and two suspects were taken off the streets, likely preventing a shooting in the Mission Hill neighborhood.

For their efforts they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.