One Less Gun: Call for Shots Fired Lands One in Police Custody

One Less Gun: Call for Shots Fired Lands One in Police Custody - At about 10:40pm, on Tuesday, January 26, 2016, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were on patrol in the area of Melnea Cass Blvd and Washington Street when they observed a motor vehicle travelling in a restricted travel lane designated for MBTA bus traffic only. Upon seeing the vehicle travelling in the restricted lane, officers activated their emergency equipment (lights and sirens) in an effort to stop the motor vehicle. Prior to stopping the car, it should be noted that officers had been advised of and were aware of a call for shots fired that had happened minutes earlier in close proximity to the area of the motor vehicle stop. Specifically, there had been a call for shots fired in the area of 1400 Washington Street involving three suspects. One of the suspects was described as a black male wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt while another was described as a black male wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt. With the car stopped in the area of Melnea Cass and Shawmut Ave, officers approached the vehicle.

While approaching the vehicle, officers noted that the passenger was wearing red-colored clothing while the operator was wearing a black jacket with a hood. Officers noted that both the operator and passenger appeared to be nervous given the fact that both appeared to be breathing heavily and reluctant to make eye contact with the officers. When officers asked the individuals where they were coming from, both individuals gave conflicting answers. In light of the conflicting answers, nervous behavior, proximity to the earlier call for shots fired and descriptions similar to those wanted in connection to that call, officers feared the presence of a weapon. Consequently, officers asked and instructed both individuals to exit the vehicle. Upon looking inside the vehicle, officers observed a loaded black firearm (see photo) in the middle console. When asked to produce a License to Carry, neither were able to do so.   

Officers arrested Lasana Harper, 22, of Boston, the owner of the vehicle, and charged him with the Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device and Armed Career Criminal.