Officers Recover Replica Firearm Discarded Behind School During Foot Pursuit in Dorchester

At about 12:15 AM on Thursday January 28, 2016, officers assigned to District B-3 (Mattapan) made an onsite arrest in the area of 29 Wildwood Street in Dorchester after a foot pursuit.  Officers were on patrol when they observed Jabrill Andrews, 23, of Mattapan, who was known to them from previous interactions and approached to speak with him.  Upon seeing the officers, the suspect immediately sprinted away from them while clutching at his waistband area.  Fearing that the suspect may be armed with a weapon, the officers began to follow him.  The suspect jumped over a fence near the playground of the Pauline Agassiz Shaw Elementary School then threw what appeared to be a firearm on the ground in the rear of the building.  Officers were able to catch up to the suspect a short distance later and place him in custody without incident.  Officers removed a knife with a spring loaded blade from the suspect and recovered what was later revealed to be a replica Walther CP99 handgun which the suspect had discarded as he fled.  The suspect will appear in Dorchester District Court on charges of Trespassing, Disturbing the Peace and Carrying a Dangerous Weapon.