Great Work Recognized: Officers Receive Commendation for Removing Gun and Drugs From Boston Common

After receiving numerous citizen complaints regarding drug activity near the Soldiers and Sailors Monument inside the Boston Common, Officers Belgrave and McHale took steps to address the issue. 

About 10:15 a.m. on Thursday August 25, 2016, Officer Belgrave positioned himself on a park bench, while Officer McHale patrolled around the monument.  A man sat down next to Officer Belgrave and uttered some words about looking for someone.  Officer Belgrave thought nothing of his observation until another man approached and nodded his head, gesturing for the first man to follow him.  The officers followed and observed the men concealed behind a tree and exchange something via hand to hand.  They abruptly left the area while walking in different directions. Officer Belgrave stopped one individual who said he had just bought some weed. 

With that information, Officer McHale stopped the 2nd individual who divulged that he had “A few bags of weed.”  This suspect attempted to flee the area.  After a foot chase Officer McHale subdued the suspect.  He resisted arrest but was handcuffed with the assistance of several officers.  They then discovered the suspect was in possession of a firearm, as well as 23 individually wrapped bags of marijuana.  During the apprehension of this suspect Officer McHale was injured during the violent struggle. 

This incident is yet another example of the dedication to duty of these officers.  They are very responsive to the concerns of the community and to improving the quality of life for residents and visitors to Boston.

For their efforts, they were each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation at Boston Police Headquarters  

Gun and Drugs from Original Incident