Great Work Recognized: Sergeant Detective Honored with Commissioner’s Commendation at Recent Ceremony

At a recent ceremony held at Boston Police Headquarters, Sergeant Detective Maryann Riva was presented with a Commissioner’s Commendation:

On January 12, 1978 Maryann Riva was appointed a Police Officer with the Boston Police Department.  This would be the beginning of a distinguished 38 year career.  A month after she started in the academy, the Blizzard of "78" hit. After being told that "you’re a police officer now and you have to come to work no matter what", Maryann woke up at 3:30 AM and walked from Dorchester to the Police Academy in the North End during the storm.  After graduating from the Police Academy, Maryann spent several years on patrol assigned to Area E.   In June of 1996 she was rated Detective and assigned to Area B-2.

After moving over to the Family Justice Center she was promoted to Sergeant in September of 2007 and rated Sergeant Detective in March of 2008 where she would become an authority on Domestic Violence cases.

In 2011 she moved over to the Drug Control Unit and oversaw sensitive case material, Search Warrants and day to day business in the office.  She was also instrumental in the re-writing of many BPD Rules & Regulations.

During her career she was awarded several Commissioner's Commendations.  In 1998 she was presented with the Parkman Award for Public Service for her work in Domestic Violence.  In2012 she was awarded the Henry L. Shattuck Public Service Award and in 2015 she was presented with the Theodore Roosevelt Award for her commitment and dedication to duty.

Sergeant Detective Maryann Riva has always gone above and beyond in the performance of her duty and served victims of crime with exceptional service, compassion and investigative ability.  The Boston Police Department is a better organization having had her for the last 38 years.   It is our pleasure to recognize Sergeant Detective Riva for a job well done and present her with a Commissioner’s Commendation.