Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Two Juvenile Suspects Under Arrest After Officer Witnesses Armed Robbery in Dorchester

                                                      file photograph

At about 6:00 PM on Thursday, March 10, 2016, a sergeant assigned District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested two juvenile suspects after witnessing an armed robbery in front of 63 Cheney Street in Dorchester.  The sergeant patrolling the area due to several recent incidents involving food delivery drivers being robbed.  While in the area, the sergeant observed a vehicle with a food delivery sign affixed to the roof parked across from 63 Cheney Street where a 17 year old juvenile male from Boston was waiting out front.  The sergeant was walking down the sidewalk unnoticed and took up position nearby to observe the interaction.  When the delivery driver exited his vehicle and approached the juvenile male with a package of food, a 17 year old juvenile female from Dorchester appeared and also walked over to the address.  The sergeant then observed the male suspect suddenly pull out what appeared to be a semiautomatic firearm and point it at the driver while stating “don’t (expletive) move or I’ll shoot you.”  At this time, the sergeant came out from his position of cover and ordered the suspect to drop the gun.  The two juveniles immediately began to run in different directions.  The sergeant focused his attention on the male suspect armed with the gun while calling for back up.  The sergeant was able to apprehend the male suspect after chasing him through several backyards, finally stopping him in a side yard of a home on Crawford Street.  Responding officers were able to apprehend the female suspect and recover what was later revealed to be a Walther CP99 pellet gun like the one pictured above, which had been discarded during the foot pursuit. 

The two juveniles will be arraigned in Roxbury Juvenile Court on charges of Armed Robbery (Delinquent to Wit).  Additionally, the male juvenile will be charged with Minor in Possession of a Pellet Gun.