Thank You For Thanking Us: Recruit Class 55-15 Receives Letter of Praise for Commitment to Kindness

The Boston Police Department received a letter of appreciation and gratitude from a mother and her small child who live near the Boston Police Academy in Hyde Park:  "Each day we watch the recruits walk up the hill carrying their gear, hustling to be on time but always pausing to say good morning.  Each evening they smile and wave, even after a long day at the Academy".  One morning, the mother and her daughter were walking by as the Academy Staff and recruits were warming up and Recruit Class 55-15 invited the young girl to share in their warm-up.  Afterwards, the recruits praised her strong effort during the exercises and presented her with a small token.  The mother emphasized how the class embodied the importance of discipline, fitness, hard work and kindness; traits she is instilling in her daughter as well.  As the Academy Staff noted, "We speak to the recruits constantly about how such a small amount of effort can bring such a great reward."   Police Commissioner Evans noted that "I'm sure this interaction will stay with the recruits and that family for a long time and serve as a reminder of the important role they have in our city and the difference they can make in our communities and to those we serve."  Keep up the great work Boston Police Academy Recruit Class 55-15!