Making a Difference: BPD Makes Special Young Man Police Chief for a Day!

Yesterday, Tuesday, July 12, 2016, officers from the District B-2 (Roxbury) Community Service Office and Sergeant Samil Silta visited a very special patient at Boston Children's Hospital. The patient, 6-year-old Owen Nichols, has spent the past 10 weeks at Boston Children's Hospital undergoing 18 surgeries to correct a birth defect. Owen loves the police, so his friends from the Polk County Sheriffs Department in Florida decided to send a care package up to Boston for him. Inside this package were t-shirts, a Polk County Sheriff badge, coloring books, a back pack, crayons, markers, and much more. This package was delivered by Boston Police Sergeant Silta, who also presented Owen with a Boston Police t-shirt and badge and promoted him to "Police Chief for a Day!” 

Owen's first order of business was to proclaim, “Free ice cream for Boston Children’s Hospital!” So the good Sergeant followed orders arriving with his ice cream truck full of delicious JP Licks ice cream and treated the whole hospital to a cup of ice cream. Owen was a great Police Chief and gave a special thanks to all the staff of Children's Hospital and the Polk County Sheriffs as he ate his ice cream from the front seat of his police car.