Daily Dose of Great Police Work: With the Help of the Public, Officers Catch Package Thieves Red-Handed


At about 4:55 PM on Wednesday, July 27, 2016, members of the District D-14 (Brighton) Neighborhood Drug Control Unit responded to a radio call for persons stealing packages in the area of 1302 Commonwealth Avenue.

Upon hearing the details of the 911 call, the DCU officers in the area set up surveillance on two males fitting the descriptions of the suspects outside 1298 Comm Ave. Shortly, officers observed a resident enter the front door of the building via key. As he passed through the door, one of the suspects ran up, prevented the door from closing, and slipped into the building behind the resident. The second suspect remained seated on the front steps looking back and forth as if maintaining a lookout for the first suspect before entering the building himself. Minutes later, officers approached the front door and were greeted by the building manager who advised them she was approached by a witness who informed her two suspects were opening packages and stealing the contents inside the building. The officers located the two suspects inside the residence, as well as several packages that had been ripped opened and rummaged through. Officers were also able to locate several stolen items from one of the suspect’s bicycles and from the area where they had been sitting.

Officers arrested 36-year-old Courtney Alexander Perry of Everett and 21-year-old James Witkowski-Owens of Dorchester and charged them with Breaking and Entering in the Daytime (3 counts each), Larceny from a Building (2 counts each), and Trespassing (Witkowski-Owens 2 counts, Perry 1 count).