Great Work Recognized: Several Officers Honored During Ceremony at Boston Police Headquarters

Last week, Thursday, September 8, 2016, several officers were recognized for their actions during an incident:

On July 18, 2016, at approximately midnight, a suspect was reported to be carrying a firearm in the area of Howe Street in Dorchester (B-3). Officers Devin Cornelius, Cedric Lopes, Michael Butler and Brandon Carey responded. Their attention was drawn to a male fitting the suspect's description. He began to yell profanities toward the officers as they approached and the officers observed him grab what appeared to be a small silver revolver from his lap. The suspect then pointed the firearm in the direction of the officers who were only feet away.

Officers drew their department issued firearms and verbally commanded him to drop the firearm. Officer Cornelius moved close enough to grasp the suspect’s arm and remove the firearm from his hand, making it possible for the officers to subdue him. He continued to scream threats at the officers that he would "blow up a police station and shoot police" —this incident occurred within days of law enforcement officers being targeted around the country.

Further investigation showed the silver revolver to be a replica firearm, with no indication of its inability to discharge. Officers also located wooden nunchakus and narcotics in the immediate area.

Thanks to their tactical approach and incredible restraint, the officers likely prevented a deadly situation. The suspect was placed under arrest without injury to the officers or the suspect. For their efforts they are each hereby awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.