The Boston Police Department Announces the Passing of Active Duty K9 Bronson

The Boston Police Department is saddened to announce the passing of active duty K9 Bronson. K9 Bronson was the first dual purpose Patrol and Explosive Detection K9 in the Boston Police Department's K9 Unit. His success and example has since led to the addition of 12 more dual purpose dogs to the unit over the past 6 years. Bronson passed away at home with his partner and head trainer of the K9 Unit, Officer Troy Caisey who stated, “On Sunday, January 15, 2017, I lost my K9 Partner of 8 years. Boston Police K9 Bronson passed away at home after a sudden illness.  I raised him as a puppy from 12 weeks old and he was by my side until he passed away at the age of 9. Bronson was what I love to see in a Police Dog - high energy level, always ready to work, confident, good temperament and a bit of a punk. He rode along side of me for countless shifts patrolling the City of Boston and I always knew that he was ready for anything we encountered. On what would end up being our final night together, when I knew he was slipping away and he wouldn't last much longer, I spent time with him sitting in my yard with his head in my lap - just talking to him. I can't possibly explain all that he meant to me or how much he will be missed.  So as you go about your busy day and your dog is staring at you for a little attention or play time - take a few minutes for them. All they want to do is please you and spend a little time with you. They won’t be here for long.”  Rest in peace Bronson.