Great Work Recognized: Officers Awarded Commissioner's Commendations for Outstanding Police Work

Today, Thursday, November 16, 2017, Police Officers Christopher McCarthy, Michael Szegda, Edwin Lopez, Michah Chapman and Raymond D’Oyley from District A-1 (Downtown) received recognition for their outstanding police work.

On October 12, 2017, these officers responded to a radio call to investigate an emotionally disturbed person brandishing a weapon and making threats to harm himself in the rear of the Long Wharf Marriot Hotel. Upon arrival, the officers tactfully converged on the individual who was holding a pair of scissors, appeared to be distraught and under the influence of an unknown substance. The individual was waving the scissors and lunging at the officers and placing the sharp edge of the scissors against his torso. The officers maintained their positions and attempted to begin a dialogue. At one point, Officer McCarthy observed a brief window of opportunity to deploy his OC spray in order to incapacitate the suspect. He deployed the spray to the individual’s face, causing him to drop the weapon and affording the officers a moment to restrain him. He was eventually handcuffed without serious injury to the officers, the individual, or any bystanders.

This daytime incident took place in a public park, near a busy downtown hotel. The area is highly populated with residents, tourists, and people traveling to and from work. The officers showed sound tactics and restraint when faced with this armed and dangerous individual. For their excellent work, they are each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


Also recognized was Officer Derek Russo. In early November, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) responded to a call for a robbery in progress on Gove Street. A description of two suspects was broadcast, and Officer Russo headed to that area where he observed a male who matched one of the suspect’s description. He approached and informed the suspect the reason for the stop. The suspect began to back away, took a bladed stance, and while turning, placed his hand at his waist and extended his left hand to keep the officer away. Based on these actions, Officer Russo believed the suspect was attempting to conceal a weapon and tried to conduct a pat frisk for his safety, but the suspect pushed away while holding an object in his waist area. The Officer Russo then observed a firearm and disarmed the suspect. After disarming him, a physical struggle ensued before Officer Russo was able to place the suspect into custody. Later, the suspect was found not to be the involved in the robbery, but was identified as a member of a violent street gang.

Officer Russo is a hard-working, conscientious officer who has a working knowledge of the problems facing East Boston and works tirelessly to address them. For his efforts, he is awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.