BPD in the Community: The Big Cheese Reads!

Today, Police Commissioner Evans visited the Eliot K-8 Upper School in the North End to read to an 8th grade class as part of a program called "The Big Cheese Reads," an initiative by Boston Partners in Education that connects business and community leaders to middle school students through reading. Through this program, "Big Cheeses" like Commissioner Evans read to the students and share experiences that emphasize the vital role literacy plays in future achievements. In addition to reading to the kids, Commissioner told the students about some of the challenges he faced as a kid growing up, saying, "I lost both of my parents when I was young, but by staying in the books and staying active, I realized that I could achieve and be anything I wanted. I had my brothers and other people in my community that I could turn to who kept me on the right path, and that's what my officers in the BPD are there for--to be there for you if you need a hand with anything, whether it's school or family or anything else. We're happy to help."