Keeping Boston Safe: BPD Officers Arrest Two Suspects in Possession of Over 180 Packets of Heroin on District C-6 in South Boston


At about 9:12 AM on Wednesday, May 17, 2017, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to a call to investigate possible drug activity in the area of Frederick and Lark Streets. While en route to the call, officers learned that two individuals, described as a white male and white female, appeared to be intoxicated and were attempting to enter a brown motor vehicle.

On arrival, officers observed a white male lying down in the front seat of a brown vehicle with a white female standing next to it. When officers attempted to speak to the individuals, both individuals had difficulty talking to the officers due to speech. Furthermore, both appeared to under the influence of drugs or alcohol due to the fact that both individuals had glassy eyes, impaired speech and difficulty remaining at a standing position. A check of the registration on the motor vehicle showed that neither of the individuals was the legal owner of the car. When the female suspect stated that she was planning to drive the car, the officers informed her that driving the car in light of her compromised condition was not a wise or workable option. In the best interests of public safety and the fact that neither party could show ownership of the vehicle, officers determined the best course of action was to tow the vehicle. Prior to towing the car, officers conducted an inventory check of the car to properly catalogue all items found inside the car. During the search, officers discovered and recovered over 180 small packets of heroin.

Officers arrested Brenna Murray, 23, of Boston and Jordan Reppucci, 33, of Boston and charged both with Trafficking a Class A Drug (Heroin).