One Less Gun: BPD Gang Unit Officers Arrest 14-Year-Old Suspect Carrying Loaded Firearm in Roxbury

At about 1:12 AM on Monday, July 31, 2017, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force arrested a juvenile suspect armed with a loaded firearm in the area of 93 Ziegler Street in Roxbury. Numerous officers were on directed patrol in the area when they observed a group loitering in a park and approached to speak with them. Upon seeing the officers, several of those gathered began to walk away, including a subject who was observed walking in a manner which led the officers to believe he may be armed. Additional officers located and stopped the individual, who was later identified as a 14-year-old male from Roxbury, and began to speak with him. Officers observed that the suspect was standing in a bladed stance, with the right side of his body turned away from them while keeping his elbow tight on his side. The officers then performed a pat frisk which immediately led to the recovery of a loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P handgun at which time the suspect was placed in custody without incident. Officers later determined that the firearm had previously been reported stolen in Akron, Ohio. The suspect will appear in Boston Juvenile Court on charges of Delinquent to Wit: Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device and Receiving Stolen Property.

Said Commissioner Evans, "This is unacceptable. Just 11 days ago, my officers took a loaded gun off another 14-year-old in the same neighborhood. The gun recovered last night had 12 bullets in it. That's 12 potential homicides, 12 potential shooting victims, and 12 potentially devastated families. Thanks to my officers, and their commitment to the city they serve, that gun, those bullets and this juvenile won't be able to inflict that harm. The fact that a 14-year-old feels the need to carry a gun and has easy access to it is troubling. The Boston police are doing our part to keep Boston safe but we clearly need everyone to continue to step up and help us get to these young kids. 14-year-olds should be getting ready for back to school not heading to court."