Great Work Recognized: District E-13 Officers Recognized For Efforts After Encountering Agitated Male Holding Two Loaded Firearms

Two Patrol Officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) were each awarded a Commissioner's Commendation during a brief ceremony at Boston Police Headquarters last week. Police Officers George Kayes and William Jones were each recognized for their actions and restraint during a confrontation with an irritated male holding two loaded firearms.

Both officers were attending an outdoor community gathering with a large number of young children and their parents in attendance at the South Street Housing Development in Jamaica Plain. Officers were alerted to a disturbance in the area and responded. They encountered an agitated male holding two guns, one in each of his hands.  In addition to being irritated and emotionally distressed, officers further noted that the individual was suffering from what appeared to be a bloody nose.  Officers calmly asked the individual to talk to them in an effort to better understand his state of mind.  According to the suspect, he had a score to settle with two individuals who had jumped him in the presence of his 2 year old son.  While empathizing with the suspect’s embarrassment and anger, officers, nevertheless, were quick to implore and advise him to put down the weapons.  Nobody needed to get hurt, said the officers.  Thankfully, the suspect agreed and put down his guns.  Officers promptly recovered the firearms and noted that both guns were fully loaded.

Said Commissioner Evans, “I can’t say enough about the tremendous levels of courage, composure, and restraint shown by my officers in this incident.  When confronted by an armed gunman, they kept their cool and found a way to de-escalate and diffuse an incident that clearly had the potential for deadly consequences.  All I can say is thank God nobody was hurt and, just as importantly, thank God we have some of the brightest and best trained police officers in the country.”

The suspect, a 30 year old male of Jamaica Plain, was charged with firearm related offenses.  The Officer’s quick thinking and intervention protected the public from this reckless suspect.