Daily Dose of Great Police Work: Officers Arrest Two, Recover Large Amount of Money & Marijuana during Motor Vehicle Stop


At about 10:30 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) were on patrol in an unmarked cruiser in the area of South Street and Beach Street, an area well-known to officers for drug and firearm related incidents, when they passed a vehicle idling at the side of the street. Officers observed the two front seat occupants hunched over toward the center console of the vehicle. Officers turned around and stopped their cruiser a short distance behind in order to run the plate, when they observed the car drive quickly away. Officers followed the vehicle for several blocks and turns, but when the vehicle passed the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Marginal Road, the car’s speed increased drastically, and officers had to drive 45 miles per hour to keep up. The vehicle then made a right turn onto Tremont Street, failing to stop at a marked stop sign. The officers conducted a stop of the motor vehicle.

Upon approach, officers could smell what appeared to be the odor of burnt marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Officers observed that both the operator and the passenger were extremely nervous. The operator, identified as 32-year-old Terry D. Saint-Fleur of Hyde Park, had loose pieces of marijuana on his shirt and made a quick motion with his feet as if to push something under the seat with his feet. The passenger, identified as 47-year-old Yueyi Chen of Dorchester, was not wearing his seat belt and appeared to stuff something with his hand in between his seat and the center console. Fearing the presence of weapons, officers ordered both occupants to exit the vehicle for a frisk. Upon doing so, the officers observed an open brown paper shopping bag inside of which they could see a very large clear bag containing what appeared to be marijuana. The bag and its contents were packaged in a manner consistent with the distribution of drugs and did not appear to be for personal use.

A search of the vehicle yielded the following:

  • Two extra-large vacuum-sealed plastic bags containing large quantities of what appeared to be marijuana packaged for distribution
  • A white plastic shopping bag and a red plastic shopping bag containing over $36,600 in US paper currency
  • Additional smaller quantities of what appeared to be marijuana in a variety of different packages.
  • Five cellular phones
  • A bag containing gold colored jewelry
  • A black MTech spring assisted knife

Officers placed both Saint-Fleur and Chen under arrest and both were charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D (Marijuana). Saint-Fleur was additionally charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D (2nd & Subsequent Offense) and Unlawfully Carrying a Dangerous Weapon (3rd & Subsequent Offense). Saint-Fleur was also cited for the traffic infractions, and Chen was cited for not wearing a seatbelt. At booking, approximately $2,200 was recovered from the person of Saint-Fleur and almost $1,500 from the person of Chen.