Keeping Boston Safe: Officers Successfully Deescalate Incident and Safely Disarm Man with a Knife in Roxbury


At about 4:56 PM on Friday, March 2, 2018, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a call for a person with a knife in the area of Pontiac and Tremont Streets. Upon arrival, the officers observed a male standing in the middle of the street wielding a large knife in his right hand. Officers exited their cruiser, un-holstered their department issued firearms, and gave commands for the male to drop the knife. The male refused and waved the knife up and down at the officers. Fearing the male would do harm to himself or others, officers attempted to close the gap between themselves and the male while continuing to tell him to drop the weapon. A third officer arrived on-scene and gained a position to deploy his department issued OC spray. The male went down to his knees but still gripped the knife firmly. When the male put his hands on the ground, the officers were quickly able to pin them to the ground and secure the knife. The 21-year-old male from East Boston was apprehended and transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for evaluation. He will be summoned to Roxbury District Court for Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Disturbing the Peace.

Said Police Commissioner William Evans, “Again and again, I find myself applauding my officers for their restraint and patience during incidents like this. I can’t commend these officers enough for their smart use of training, judgement, and teamwork to deescalate this potentially dangerous and life-threatening situation.”