Thank You for Thanking Us: A grateful mom in W. Roxbury sent the following letter of appreciation to the Commissioner’s Office

ThankYouforThankingUs: The following letter of appreciation was recently sent and warmly received by the Commissioner’s Office. The letter from a grateful mother in West Roxbury reads as follows:

“On Monday, April 23, my 23-year-old daughter was cooking and the oil in the pan caught on fire and, as a result, caused 2nd degree burns to her arm. She was home alone at the time. She called the police and fire and both departments responded to her home. However, my daughter tells me that one officer, a female officer on the West Roxbury police force (assigned to District E-5), was one of the kindest individuals she has ever met. The officer stayed with my daughter then locked up the home for us. My daughter was transported by ambulance to Brigham & Women's Hospital. Not only did the officer stay with my daughter, she even returned the next day. I know this because when my daughter arrived home, there was a ‘Get Well’ balloon and a card from the officer. The card read, "Hope your recovery is swift with many well wishes. Officer Younger" Honestly, how many people do this? Kindness like this does not happen very often, and I would like to recommend that the officer receive some sort of recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty. My daughter is studying at Northeastern in the Graduate Nurse Practitioner program and the kindness shown by Officer Younger, not only set an amazing example, but it also showed my daughter that ‘kindness and caring’ is what it is always about. Many, many, many thanks to Officer Younger of District E-5 from a grateful mother and her daughter in West Roxbury.”