Great Work Recognized: Several Officers and Sergeant Detective Receive Commissioner's Commendations


About 1:50 AM on Sunday, February 4, 2018, Officers Gomes and Foote of District B-3 (Mattapan) were in the area of River Street and Blue Hill Avenue and observed a male in the parking lot across from the Macumba Night Club looking into cars. As officers approached, the suspect changed his direction and began to walk away from the officers at a fast pace.  Due to previous breaks into motor vehicles in the parking lot in the past, officers continued to monitor the suspect. 

Officers pulled up in their marked cruiser next to the suspect to talk to him. He was acting in a nervous manner, kept his hands in his pockets, and suddenly fled as Officer Gomes began to exit the cruiser. A description of the suspect was broadcast with the officers in pursuit. The officers located and were able to apprehend the suspect at a nearby MBTA Station. At that point the suspect told the officers he had a gun. The officers recovered the firearm and placed the suspect under arrest.

These officers, in the performance of their duties, continually recover illegally possessed firearms to ensure that they can do no harm to our city’s residents.

For their excellent work, Officers Foote and Gomes are hereby each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation.


At about 4:56 PM on Friday, March 2, 2018, Officers Morrissey and Foley of District B-2, responded to a person with a knife call at Pontiac Street and Tremont Street. On arrival they observed a male, matching the description, standing in the middle of the street with a large knife in his right hand.  They exited the cruiser and engaged the suspect, ordering him to drop the knife.  The suspect did not listen to the commands and took a bladed stance moving the knife up and down.  The officers unholstered their department issued firearms and pointed them in the direction of the suspect in fear that the suspect was going to do harm to himself or others.  The officers ordered him to drop the knife a dozen times and updated the dispatcher of their location and situation. 

Sergeant Detective O'Leary and Officer Sullivan arrived on scene and along with Officers Morrissey and Foley continued to command that the suspect put the knife down.  Officer Sullivan warned the suspect to drop the knife before administering OC spray, but the suspect did not listen.  Officer Sullivan administered the OC spray toward the suspects in the face.  The suspect began to fall to his knees but kept springing up.  After the officers witnessed him go down on his hands and knees one more time, all of the officers decided to attempt to disarm the suspect and were successful in doing so.

The officers are hereby each awarded a Commissioner’s Commendation for their bravery and tremendous restraint.