Boston Officers Recognized as Top Cops

Today at 2:30pm Commissioner Kathleen M. O’Toole and member of the state legislature will honor two of Boston’s Finest, as they will be recognized at Top Cops. The media is encouraged to attend this event, which will take place at the State House in the House Chambers.Below is a summary of the incident. On October 3, 2005 at about 2:15am, Boston Police Officers Al Young and Ebenezer Sealy were assigned to patrol in the downtown section of the city of Boston. As Officers Young and Sealy arrived in the Theater District area, they observed hundreds of people in the streets and adjacent parking lots. As they exited their marked police cruiser they heard the distinctive sound of gunfire and observed an individual firing a handgun. The individual began to run towards the officers and began to fire his weapon at them. The gun battle continued until Officers Sealy and Young were able to take down this violent armed criminal. They secured the suspect’s firearm and began to render medical attention. Incredibly, neither officer was struck by the suspect’s gunfire. It was only after securing the suspect, that officers Sealy and Young learned that the suspect, later identified as Stanley Seney, who had brazenly initiated a gun fight with them, had just shot and killed a man, just seconds, prior to the encounter with them. Their bravery and professionalism, when faced with an armed criminal with a great motivation to kill these officers, is a great testament to their character. Officers Sealy and Young’s action are in the highest traditions of law enforcement and are a credit to all Police Officers throughout the county.