Daily Incident For June 15, 2006

Drug Arrest on Landor RoadLast night around 8:10pm, District 3’s Drug Control Unit conducted a drug surveillance of Landor Road due to numerous drug complaints. Dorchester resident Joshua Hightower, 20, was charged with Distribution of Class B within 1000 feet of a School Zone and Jonas Jones, 48, was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B within a School Zone. Unarmed Robbery Arrest This morning while performing a detail at Pine Street Inn a witness approached the officer and stated that there was a male with one leg passed out at the Mobile Gas Station. The officer was also informed that a male was going through his pockets and taking money out. When the officer approached the victim he observed the suspect sitting next to the victim hugging him. Jesus Falconi, 37, of Boston was arrested for Unarmed Robbery. Both parties appear to be under the influence of alcohol.