Welcome Weekly Dig Readers

BPDNews.com was recently profiled in the Weekly Dig.

“... BPDNews is a must-read, a daily ritual more Bostonians ought to be slurping up along with their morning coffee. It’s a running tally of the city’s nefarious doings, a public sounding board of cheers and jeers for the BPD, and a great way to check whether that popping sound from the direction of Codman Square last night was fireworks or worse. Within hours of a shooting or homicide, its precise coordinates are up on the blog, well before it hits the papers. Regular incident logs run through the most memorable events of the day, sometimes with a snappy bit of sarcasm in reserve for items light on body count but long on human stupidity. On a good day, there might be a spat over an error between Boston’s Finest and a local crime reporter, or even a beef with an elected official. In short, it’s almost too good to exist.”

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