A message from Police Commissioner Goslin

As many of you are already aware, 3 Boston Police officers were arrested last night and charged with several crimes. While I cannot comment on the allegations made against these officers, I would like to reiterate my faith in the men and women of this Department. I firmly believe that 99% of the officers in this Department do their jobs faithfully, with integrity and professionalism.I am proud of the overwhelming majority of our officers. To serve as a police officer in this Department is a privilege, and anyone who would throw it away by engaging in criminal activity is beneath our contempt. Like any other profession, there will always be individuals who may not live up to the standards we set, but we cannot let the actions of those individuals distract us from our mission to serve the citizens of Boston. This Department will continue to have no tolerance for corruption, as evidenced by the fact that we were part of the investigation. This was a long, exhaustive investigation, in which the BPD was working with other law enforcement agencies to bring this case to fruition. We will continue to work aggressively to uncover any form of criminal activity that may be conducted by members of this Department, sworn or civilian. We will not stand for anyone who does not uphold their oath of office. The next few days may be difficult ones for the Department, as these allegations provide an opportunity for anyone with an axe to grind to question the credibility of the Department. Rest assured I will not allow the actions of a few officers to tarnish the Department’s reputation. Likewise, I call on you to remain focused on your jobs, and not lose sight of our goal to keep our neighborhoods safe. We need to put this recent incident in its proper place and move forward. I’d prefer to acknowledge the continued hard work and efforts of all our officers who are out there in our neighborhoods, and who continue to do an outstanding job working for the citizens of Boston each and every day. I thank you for your great work and appreciate your commitment to this Department and the people we serve. Sincerely, Albert E. Goslin Acting Police Commissioner