A Message from Police Commissioner Al Goslin

It is with deep regret that I pass along news of a serious injury sustained by one of our members while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces overseas.Police Officer Terrence Burke, last assigned to the Training and Education Division, detailed to District C-6 was called to active duty in early December 2005. Officer Burke is a Sergeant, recently promoted, with the U.S. Marine Corps, First Battalion. This week, while serving in Iraq, he sustained a critical leg injury and has been transported to the military hospital in Germany for further treatment. His injury is described as critical, but thankfully he is expected to survive. The Department has reached out to Officer Burke’s family to offer any assistance they or Terrance may need at this time and in the days and months to come. The Boston Police Patrolman’s Association has also reached out to the Burke family to offer their continued support and assistance. I would ask all members of the Department to keep Terrence and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. The Department is very proud of Terrence’s service to our country as well as the 5 other members of the Department currently deployed on active duty. My office will keep abreast of Officer Burke’s progress and will continue to offer assistance while he recovers, and later as we look to his return to duty with the Boston Police Department. Thank you, Albert E. Goslin Police Commissioner