Fall Freedom Rally

On September 16, 2006 the annual Fall Freedom Rally (Hemp Fest) will be held on Boston Common.In recent years, the Boston Police Department has arrested numerous people for Possession of Class D (Marijuana) at this event. Many of these people have stated that they were under the impression there was “amnesty” from arrest on this particular day. Let there be no confusion or mistaken assumptions on the part of attendees Saturday: there is no “amnesty” or any relaxation of the Commonwealth’s drug control laws during of this event. The Boston Police Department will be enforcing the narcotics laws on the Boston Common, as we do in neighborhoods throughout the city on any given Saturday. Our officers will be making arrests for violations of the narcotics laws if they observe such behavior. Saturday will be no different than any other day. Potential offenders should be aware that, if arrested, these arrests will become a permanent part of the individual’s criminal history and may affect their admissions to some colleges and/or future potential employment as well as may result in the suspension of the individual’s license to operate a vehicle in Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Many of the people who attend this festival are college-aged young people who are just starting out in life. We strongly encourage you to think twice on Saturday before you place yourself into a situation where you may be arrested. It would be a shame if you jeopardize your future over a single act. If you are arrested, ignorance of the law will not be an acceptable excuse.