Message from the Police Commissioner

A Boston Police Officer has been charged today with violating the rights of an unnamed female victim.It is not unreasonable to expect that in a department this size – one of the 50 largest local Police Departments in America - there will be a few bad apples, a few officers who choose not to live up to the ideals of professionalism, service, and integrity that have been established over the past 152 years of this Department. While this is to be expected, that does not mean that it has to be tolerated. I hold my officers to a higher standard than that of the general population. We consider any form of corruption to be repugnant, and a disgrace to the badge that so many officers have worked so hard to earn. When we are made aware of any potential instances of corruption or police misconduct, we will aggressively pursue the investigation and go where the evidence takes us. Boston Police investigators have worked, and will continue to work with, our law enforcement partners such as the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office. Our willingness to investigate these matters underscores our dedication to integrity and service to the community. Intentional police misconduct will not be tolerated. We will not allow a criminal to hide behind the badge. Officer Michael LoPriore has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings. View the press release (PDF document)