If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck…This Suspect Would Have NoneYesterday around 12:21am officers from District 1 responded to the area of 60 State St. to assist a detail officer. On arrival, it was determined that the detail officer went to his personal motor vehicle and observed an individual inside his motor vehicle. Officers further learned that the suspect fled from the car upon seeing the officer and was apprehended a short distance later. The suspect was arrested and found to be in possession of a number of items that had been taken from the officer’s car. The suspect also left a number of items in the car that appeared to have been stolen from other cars. The suspect, Jeremy Stovall, 27, of Boston, was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle, and Receiving Stolen Property. Suspect “Netted” for Display of “Goods” Officers from District 4 on patrol in the area of 327 Newbury St. around 7:10pm yesterday heard a woman scream and next observed an individual wearing a pair of black netting “see- through” shorts standing in front of three young women. The individual’s genitals were clearly visible through the shorts and he fled upon observing officers. The suspect was apprehended a short distance later and placed under arrest after a brief but violent struggle. The suspect, Frank Connerty, 43, of Wakefield, was arrested and charged with Open and Gross Lewdness, Disorderly person and Resisting Arrest. The suspect’s black netting shorts were seized and held as evidence. OUI Suspect Transported to Hospital; Passengers Rescued from Burning Car About 2am today officers from District 14 on patrol responded to the intersection of Commonwealth Ave. and Warren St. after hearing a loud crashing sound. There, officers observed a motor vehicle that had crashed into a pole with the engine on fire. The operator of the car was observed standing next to the car but the two other occupants of the car were still inside the car. Officers pulled the two occupants from the car just shortly before the car became fully engulfed in flames. During observation of the driver by officers, he had a strong odor of alcohol about him, slurred speech and was unsteady on his feet. The driver and the two passengers of the car were all transported to the hospital with complaints of pain resulting from the accident. The driver will be summonsed for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and other motor vehicle law infractions.