Daily Incidents For October 18, 2006

Armed Robbery of Gas StationAt 5:34pm yesterday, officers in District 6 responded to a radio call for an armed robbery at Columbia Road and Dorchester Avenue. On arrival officers spoke with victims who stated a black male pointed a handgun and demanded money. The suspect reached into the cash register and took about two hundred dollars and fled on foot down Columbia Road. Expensive Handbag Swiped on Newbury Street Yesterday around 5:35pm, officers in District 4 responded to a radio call for a larceny report at 139A Newbury Street. On arrival officers spoke with the caller who stated an unknown suspect came into the store and took a handbag off the shelf and walked out of the store. The suspect fled the scene and walked up Newbury Street towards Dartmouth Street and made good his escape. Breaking and Entering Suspect Caught In the Act Last night around 9:58pm, officers in District 1 responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering at 60 Canal Street. On arrival offices spoke with the caller who stated she heard a series of three noises at he rear door leading to the building stairwell. Officers observed the stairwell door in the lobby had been pried open. As officers proceeded they observed the suspect sitting at a desk going through an open drawer. Officers observed a pry bar and a flashlight on the desk next to the suspect. Officers asked the suspect if he worked here and was asked to produce identification. The suspect refused to identify himself. Paul Andrews, 50, of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering and Possession of burglarious Tools. Stolen Car Parked in Handicapped Space Early this morning around 12:37am, officers in District 1 while on patrol in the theatre district observed a motor vehicle parked in a handicap spot at Stuart and Tremont Street. Officers did not observe a handicap placard but observed a suspect in the vehicle. Further check of the vehicle revealed the vehicle was reported stolen out of South Attleboro. As officers exited their cruiser they observed one of the suspect flee the vehicle and run down Stuart Street. At that point officers observed the second suspect sit up in the rear seat. Mark Abaray, 42, of New Bedford was arrested and charged with receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle. Officers broadcasted a description of the second suspect, but the suspect was not found.