“Smash and Grab” Incident at Bel TempoAbout 12:53am today officers from District 1 responded to 28 Tremont St/Bell Tempo Store for a glass break alarm. On arrival officers observed the glass front door smashed with numerous handbags on the floor in front of the door. No suspects were observed in the store or in the area but officers did recover a metal steering wheel lock inside the store. The wheel lock appears to be the instrument that the suspect(s) used to break the glass. Armed Robbery Suspect Apprehended with Replica Firearm Yesterday at approximately 7:05pm officers from District 18 responded to 1070 Hyde Park Avenue/Diana Market for an armed robbery. On arrival officers spoke to caller/victim who reported that he was just robbed at gunpoint. Victim further reported that the suspect walked up to the counter, pointed a gun at him and demanded all the money in the counter. The victim reported that he gave an undetermined amount of cash to the suspect and the suspect fled the scene on a bicycle. A description of the suspect was broadcast along with his direction of flight. Based on that broadcast, officers subsequently stopped an individual matching suspect description at American Legion Hwy. and Canterbury St. The suspect was detained and found to be in possession of a replica plastic firearm consistent with victim’s description and an undetermined amount of cash was also found on his person. The suspect was later positively identified by the victims and placed under arrest. Suspect, Nestali Manso, 37, of Hyde Park, was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery.