Indecent Exposure Victim Arrested in Travel LaneOfficers from District 4 this morning around 12:59am placed suspect, Donald Stott, 29, of Boston, under arrest for Indecent Exposure and Disorderly Person. Officers on patrol in the area of Commonwealth Ave. and Dartmouth St. observed the suspect standing in a travel lane urinating on a car in full view of the public. The suspect caused traffic to stop as he was occupying a travel lane and due to the fact that he was exposing himself. Victim of Assault Found Lying in the Street This morning around 2:48am, officers from District 2 responded to a call requesting police and ambulance in the area of Madison Park Ct. There, officers observed the victim lying in the middle of the street. Conversation with witnesses revealed that the victim had been dragged out of a car and assaulted by two males who fled after assaulting the victim. The victim was transported to Boston Medical center with non-life threatening injuries. Victim Carjacked in Driveway Around 8:31am today, officers from District 3 responded to 83 Norwell St. for a person with a gun. On arrival officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was just carjacked. The victim stated that as he was exiting his car, from warming it up, the suspect ran up to him, pushed him and motioned to his jacket as if armed with a gun. The suspect then proceeded to jump in the victim’s car and drive out of the driveway where two other suspects got in the car. According to the victim, he chased the car and the suspects exited the car a short while later and fled on foot. The car was recovered with damage sustained from suspect’s driving. Officers were unsuccessful in locating the suspects.