Inside a West Roxbury Community Meeting

A look at a recent West Roxbury Community Meeting. Captain Hasson of E-5 met with residents to discuss ways to protect themselves against break-ins.

"Hasson, who was joined by Deputy Superintendent Darrin Greeley of the BPD’s Bureau of Field Services, also urged residents to call 911 if they see anything suspicious or even if they feel unsettled…. …The key to calling 911, according to the BPD, is to either call from a home phone or to call 617-343-4911 from a cell phone to reach Boston Police. If not, cell phone users risk having their call routed to the State Police, which may delay response time. In addition to not hesitating to call 911, Greeley emphasized the importance of neighbors watching over each other. "You can make a difference in your neighborhood. We have to watch out for one another, take that extra minute," advised Greeley." Via

Thanks to Universal Hub for pointing us toward the article.