Traffic Stop Leads to Recovery of AmmunitionThis morning around 1:08am, officers from District 1, conducted at traffic stop of a motor vehicle observed committing several motor vehicle violations. Officers requested of the operator his license and registration and the operator told officers that his license was not on his person but supplied them with a name and date of birth. Query of that name yielded no Registry of Motor Vehicle information. While officers were attempting to retrieve further information, they observed an open container of alcohol in the car and also noticed a cup of alcohol in the center console. Officers arrested the operator, true name later determined to be John Daise, 24, of Roxbury for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, Providing a False Name to Police Officers, Speeding and Failure to Use Turn Signal. The officers determined the car to be a rental car in the name of the passenger, Clint R. Bevins. During an inventory search of the vehicle, officers found ammunition in the trunk of the car that the passenger admitted belonged to him. The passenger, Clint R. Blevins, 25, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Drinking Alcohol From an Open Container, and Allowing an Unlicensed Improper Person to Operate. B&E Suspect Caught on the Run Officer from District 11, this morning around 1:15am, responded to 36 Lyon St. for a breaking and entering in progress. On arrival, officers observed a male running from the backyard and a foot pursuit ensued. Officers chased the suspect and at one point grabbing him by the coat but he was able to elude capture by running out of his coat. Officers continued to pursue this suspect as he jumped over a fence, ran across Dorchester Ave. and through the Store 24 parking lot. Officers were finally able to apprehend the suspect at the corner of Greenwich St. and Duncan St. after a lengthy foot pursuit. The victim was taken to the location where the suspect was caught and identified the suspect as the person that was observed in her motor vehicle going through its contents. The suspect, Corey Bailey, 29, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle. Suspect Apprehended for Breaking and Entering Yesterday around 12:52pm, officers from District 2 arrested Lance Smith, 44, of Dorchester, and charged him Breaking and Entering, Trespassing and Possession of Burglarious Tools. Officers were in the area proactively patrolling when they observed the suspect looking into cars. Officers followed this suspect in an unmarked car. The suspect was followed to 103 Terrace St. where they observed him go to the rear driveway of a warehouse. Officers waited to see if the suspect would come back and after some time had elapsed went to the rear of the building to further investigate. Officers, while trying to determine where the suspect could have gone, heard sounds coming from the warehouse. Officers knocked and announced their station numerous times but received no answer. A forced entry was made into the warehouse. A Boston Police canine was requested to the scene and directed officers to a brick shaft in the corner of the building. Officers, there, successfully located the suspect along with several burglarious tools.