Traffic Stop Leads to Gun and DrugsYesterday around 6:49pm,officers from Youth Violence Strike Force, on patrol in the area of Cummins Highway conducted a traffic stop of a motor vehicle speeding down a residential street at speeds in excess of 45 M.P.H. The traffic stop was conducted at Rector Rd. and Rivers St. after following the speeding car from Cummins Hwy. There, officers requested of the operator his license and registration and made note that the operator along with his several of his passengers had knives and one appeared to be wearing a “bullet proof” vest. During the stop, officers observed the operator to be very nervous and adjusted something in his waist area. Officers removed the driver from the car to conduct a “pat frisk” for their safety and during this pat frisk felt a hard object consistent wit a firearm and heard the crinkle of plastic. Immediately after officers observed the above noted, the suspect attempted to push officers and flee. A violent struggle ensued during which several officers attempted to restrain and place the suspect in custody. After a violent and lengthy struggle officers arrested Jerome L. Lamont, 23, of Somerville and recovered a loaded firearm and drugs believed to be marijuana and crack cocaine. The suspect was charged with Speeding, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Trafficking Class B Substance, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D, Resisting Arrest, and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. This suspect will be arraigned at Dorchester District Court on Monday. “Operation Squeeze” Yields Arrests of Several “Johns” Officers from District 2 arrested four individuals, this morning, and charged them with Soliciting Sex for a Fee. The individuals arrested were Declan M. Kearns, 26, of Quincy, Dennis Johnson, 52, of Milton, Ralph Seney, 36, of Attleboro, and Michael Concepcion, 25, of Brighton.Officers, in reaction to complaints of prostitution in and around residential and business areas of District 2 conducted “Operation Squeeze” this morning. During this operation the above listed suspects approached an undercover Boston Police officer and made offers of sexual acts in exchange for money. B&E Suspect Arrested Jumping Out of Victims’ Apartment Window At approximately 2:40am today, officers from District 14 responded to 33 Egremont St. for a breaking and entering in progress. While en route, officers were advised by Operations that the victims, who were in their bedrooms, could hear the suspect in the adjoining bedroom. On arrival, officers responded to the front and rear of the residence and in the rear observed an open balcony door suddenly close. Officers in the rear, while waiting for officers at the front door to make contact with the victims, were suddenly confronted with the suspect jumping from the victims’ bathroom window. A foot pursuit ensued after the suspect jumped from the window and he was shortly thereafter apprehended. Officers returned to the location of the incident and determined that the suspect had had entered through the bathroom window and made his way to an unoccupied bedroom. Officers returned to the scene and observed several items that the suspect had removed from their location to take with him. Suspect, Somnak Phonethong,44, of Brighton was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering