Suspect Arrested After Making Special Delivery at McDonald’sYesterday around 5:30pm, officers from District 11 arrested suspects, Jarred Gaines, 21, of Dorchester and charged him with Trafficking Class B Drugs while suspect, Robert Radford, 40, of New Hampshire was arrested and charged with Possession of Class B. Officers were on patrol in the area of Granite Ave. and Gallivan Blvd. when they observed a motor vehicle enter the McDonald’s parking lot, and make several phone calls via cell phone. After some time, officers noticed another vehicle enter the parking lot and the initial vehicle followed that vehicle. Officers continued surveillance of the two cars and made observations that lead them to believe that a drug transaction had just taken place. Based on those observations, officers stopped both cars and discovered that indeed a drug transaction had taken place. After both suspects were arrested officers recovered and seized a substantial amount of drugs and money. B&E Suspect Arrested with the Help of Civilian Witness Around 2:05am today, officers from District 6 responded to a radio call for vandalism in progress at Alfredo’s Restaurant located on the corner of East 8th St. and Dorchester Ave. Officers received a description of the suspect and shortly thereafter located an individual matching suspect description. That individual was detained pending further investigation of the incident. Officers subsequently spoke to a witness who observed the suspect enter and exit the store with the cash register in hand. The witness also observed the suspect place the register in a trash barrel. Officers conducted a search of the area and located the trash barrel with the cash register intact. The suspect was positively identified by the witness and placed under arrest. Suspect, Frederick Washington, 41, of South Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering, and Malicious Destruction of Property. Robbery Suspect Caught in the Act This morning around 4:30am, officers from District 11 responded to 1420 Dorchester Ave. in Dorchester/Store 24 to investigate a person. Officers were summoned to the store after the suspect walked into the store and asked the clerk questions regarding the whereabouts of security, and how long they would be gone. Officers responded to the store and on arrival observed through the front glass window, the victim backing away from the register with his hands up in the air. Officers also observed the described suspect inside the store with his face partially covered by a mask. Officers entered the store and subsequently placed the suspect under arrest after speaking to the victim and a witness. The victim and witness reported to officers that after the suspect initially came in the store asking suspicious questions, he left and returned threatening to blow up the store unless he was given money from the register. Suspect, David Rodriguez, 21, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Attempted Unarmed Robbery.