A Message from Police Commissioner Ed Davis

PROMOTIONS, NEW ASSIGNMENTS & ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGESThe men and women of the Boston Police Department continue to do an outstanding job keeping our community safe. Your ceaseless dedication to protecting and serving the citizens of Boston is admirable and I applaud your efforts. As I previously mentioned, our ongoing commitment to Community Policing requires that the department be organized in such a way that the entire agency supports this philosophy. In keeping with my responsibility to ensure a command and accountability structure that fully supports our patrol force, I am pleased to announce the following promotions, new assignments and organizational changes. I am confident that the following initiatives will have a substantial impact in our efforts to reduce crime, decrease firearm violence and protect the quality of life for city residents. This month begins our new COMPSTAT process; it is my belief that the following organizational changes support its successful implementation. · Superintendent John Gallagher is appointed to Night Commander. As Night Commander, Superintendent Gallagher will be reporting directly to Superintendent-in-Chief Albert Goslin. · Deputy Superintendent Bruce Holloway will be promoted to the rank of Superintendent. Superintendent Holloway will take command of the Office of Administrative Hearings. This division has primary responsibility for managing the schedule of hearings, ruling on pre- and post-hearing motions, and conducting pre-hearing conferences and disciplinary trial boards. The auditing and review unit will be moved from the Bureau of Internal Investigations and now will report to the Office of Administrative Hearings under the direction of Superintendent Holloway. This unit performs periodic audits of specific functions within Units and Districts to assess their level of performance and their compliance with Department policies and Rules and Procedures, and makes recommendations for the development or modification of organizational strategies and procedures. · Lieutenant Detective Gary French will be promoted to the rank of Deputy Superintendent. As Deputy Superintendent in the Bureau of Field Services, Deputy French will command the Youth Violence Strike Force, the Boston Police School Police Unit and the citywide Mountain Bike Unit. Deputy French will be charged with coordinating citywide anti-violence strategies. · The following Deputy Superintendents have been assigned as Zone Commanders. District Captains will be assisted by one of three Deputy Superintendents tasked with prioritizing and allocating resources within a newly zoned area. Each Deputy will be responsible for one of three geographic zones. The commands are as follows: o Deputy Superintendent Patrick Crossen will serve Zone 1 consisting of Districts A1, A15, A7, D4 and D14. o Deputy Superintendent Rafael Ruiz will serve Zone 2 consisting of Districts B2, B3, C6 and C11. o Deputy Superintendent Darrin Greeley will serve Zone 3 consisting of Districts E5, E13 and E18. As previously stated: · The Youth Violence Strike Force (YVSF) and the Boston Police School Police Unit are fundamentally patrol resources, both units have been moved from the Bureau of Investigative Services to the Bureau of Field Services. · District detectives are now working under a central authority to coordinate a unified investigative response. The District detectives are being moved from the Bureau of Field Services and placed under the administrative command of the Bureau of Investigative Services. District detectives will maintain an operational responsibility to the District Captains. The administrative process to transfer these employees is underway. · The homicide unit will soon receive additional resources. · Drug Control Unit resources will be reallocated so that each District will have dedicated DCU personnel. · The appointment of Deputy Superintendent Gladys Gaines serving as Liaison between the department and City Hall to focus exclusively on issues of neighborhood services and to lead the department’s response to the complex issue of homelessness is effective immediately. I am confident that these changes and reassignments underscore the department’s commitment to address the needs of our community. The dedicated officers of this department working with our community partners will be able to focus our attention on the problems occurring within our neighborhoods. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those selected for promotion and those department members accepting the new challenges that their new assignments will bring them. * Final Note: The promotional ceremony for Superintendent Bruce Holloway and Deputy Superintendent Gary French will take place on Thursday, February 22 at 9:00 am in the Media Room at Boston Police Headquarters. Edward F. Davis Police Commissioner